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Vivienne's Healing
Evolving into Oneness in Divine Service
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One On One Sessions With Vivienne


Balance body, mind and spirit by releasing fears, anxiety and stress. Experience crystals, sound and colour with spiritual guidance.
Clear and heal the past, connect with your empowered Higher Self as you are identifying new keys, opening doors to endless possibilities.

Remember as you heal, those around you heal, shifting the energy in your relationships, career, home or office environment.

View life through a new lens of divine, unique mastery.

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Here is what clients have to say...

Angel in our lives, a light that shines in our darkest times – Heath and Edna

Absolute integrity,  abundant wisdom, tranquility, grounded, compassionate and humble, what an honour,  what a blessing - Helen P

Attunements or healing it is purely magical as she effortlessly guides my soul "home" on gentle waves of light – Joyce M

Teacher par excellence who is professional, warm and caring, forging strong spiritual relationships – Dr. Martin D

Knowledge shared unstintingly, encompasses an innate understanding of human nature – Sheila R

Consider meeting Vivienne a gift and have learnt so much from her in her roles as both healer and teacher. She is incredibly kind and compassionate and so generous of spirit. I find each session with Vivienne inspiring and insightful (love her use of crystals) and highly recommend spending time in her healing space. Nicole A
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