Path of 8 Activations - Vivienne's Healing

Vivienne's Healing
Evolving into Oneness in Divine Service
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The Journey to the Great Central Sun - The Path of Eight

These are the latest activations that will elevate the frequencies your chakras are resonating with, to follow the true path of  ascensionn into the 5th dimension.

They pick up from where the  Lightarian Teachings have left off and bring you to a higher level of awareness of your own journey back to Oneness.

Follow us on this exciting journey to your own inner being and from that place make the connection to the All There Is with the new energies these activations are gifting you with.

Who should attend
Those who have travelled the spiritual path for quite some time and have come to a point where they are looking for a wider spectrum of understanding, a different path to elevating their frequencies, a new way of being on this earthly plane.

Anyone wanting to serve as spiritual teachers, energy workers, healers, communicators, ambassadors and visionaries for the Light.

8 Workshops with Activations

Soul investment
R650 per workshop
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