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Vivienne's Healing
Evolving into Oneness in Divine Service
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Journey to the divine spark within, create unity with Oneness

For many years Vivienne has worked closely with the Lightarian Institute for South Africa. The institute is based in Tuscon, Arizona and is concentrating on the energies of Global Human Transformation.
We focus on enhancing your spiritual self-development with the highest vibrational energies of the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realm.

Attunements are a series of permanent linkages, via guided meditation, expanding and illuminating your spiritual path, perhaps even sharing with others.

Who should attend
  • Anyone wishing to evolve into a higher consciousness and expand their energetic vibration
  • Anyone on the ascension path
  • All persons wanting to serve as spiritual teachers, energy workers, healers, communicators, ambassadors and visionaries for the Light
  • All persons called to support global/human transformation

How the attunements are transferred to you
Group and personal attunements facilitated at Stones For Africa, Fourways, or received  telephonically, via skype or remotely.

Each attunement session lasts one hour, spaced apart depending on the amount of processing required between each level, ranging from one week to one month.

Soul investment  
Personal level  R650 per attunement
Teaching level R800 per attunement (includes manuals, registration and certificate)
We give you a 10% discount for up-front payment for a complete program

Ascended Master Track™

Comprises of the following Teachings

Lightarian Ray Program

 Lightarian Clearing
Teaching and Personal

Angel Track™

Comprises of the following Teachings

Lightarian AngelLinks

 Lightarian Purification Rings

Buddhic Track™

Comprises of the following Teachings

Lightarian Reiki
 Lightarian Ascension Bands

The next step after having completed the Angel Track and Buddhic Track

Lightarian Gateway
Teaching Level only

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