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Vivienne's Healing
Evolving into Oneness in Divine Service
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Evolving Souls Self Development Programme
Journey to the divine spark within, create unity with Oneness
We welcome you to explore this unique opportunity, designed to support Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit. We have created a sacred space in which you feel safe to learn, grow and expand with new ways of doing and being.
It allows you to...
Re-Discover Your Self
Evaluate Life
Review Relationships
Anchor Self Development

Topics from this programme include...
  • Quieten the cluttered mind, tuning out indecision, fear and criticism
  • Practical tips and techniques to raise vibrational energy levels
  • Crystals heal energy imbalances, strengthen the auric field
  • Transformation through forgiveness awakens self-love
  • Unearthing your true self, celebrate unique magnificence
  • Refine your GOALS = Great Opportunities Attaining Lasting Success
  • Integrating Higher Self through Mastery

Who should attend
Those keen to learn and grow.
Anyone wishing to refine and expand their talents and abilities.
All persons wanting to serve as spiritual teachers, energy workers, healers, communicators, ambassadors and  visionaries for the Light.

Duration 7 self-study videos

Soul investment R2000
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