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Crystal  Healing

Experience the ancient art of crystal healing. Crystals are capable of absorbing, magnifying and transmitting light – the highest form of energy known to the physical universe. Crystals and gemstones are wonderful healing tools that may be placed on and around the body as well as in the immediate environment.
From the peace and beauty of a safe, nurturing space, Vivienne’s crystal healing enables you to clear the emotional issues that prevent you from moving forward. Once you take the steps to recovering your joy in life, you will never look back.
Consultation 1 hour  - Cost R600

Crystal Grids

Need advice creating a grid to support health, wealth, love, studying, protection or a business project?
I will assist you to focus on making the right choice, whilst balancing the elements.
 Crystal Workshops
Are you passionate about crystals and gemstones? Learn how you can use these wonderful healing tools on or around the body as well as the environment. Experience the powerful benefits for yourself and others, bringing a state of balance to body, mind and spirit.
Introduction - Crystals for Healing
  • Colour and shape guidelines
  • Home, Office environment
  • Nurturing self
  • Handy travel pack
  • Pets, Protection and personal grids
  • Healing layouts
  • Wealth Pots
When: Sundays (on demand)
Cost:    R800
Advanced - Crystals for the Journey
  • Colour healing therapy
  • Healing through chakras
  • Higher Chakras (Earth Star & Stellar Gateway)
  • Body Layouts
  • Healing trauma and stress
  • Space clearing of the home and office environment
  • Gem grids for balance, protection, psychic attack and harmony
  • Auric field cleansing and shielding
  • How to programme crystals – divine purpose
  • Healing Techniques- Distant Healing, Scanning, Time Reversal
  • Conscious Crystal Connection
  • Earth Healing

Crystal E-Books
Crystals for Healing - An Introduction to Practical Uses and Techniques
Crystals for the Journey - Advanced  Tools and Techniques

Two invaluable companions to all our workshops and just about everything else in your life. Do not miss out on these e-books filled with a wealth of knowledge and information. Cost R150. Click on the cover to order...

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