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Buddhic Track

Lightarian Reiki

Once you have completed the foundational teachings of Usui Reiki, you will now be ready to move up through higher levels.

The vibrational nature of the Lightarian Reiki energies
There are many types of Reiki available today. They include some form of energetic attunement with higher vibrational healing energies. From our perspective, all of these systems for delivering Reiki energies emanate from the Ascended Master Buddha. Through the channeling process, we have learnt  that there are a total of eight vibrational bands of Reiki healing energies, much like there are distinct primary color bands associated with the spectrum of visible light. Usui and Karuna Reiki represent the first two vibrations in the overall vibrational spectrum of Reiki energies. Lightarian Reiki occupies the six upper vibrational bands.
Lightarian Reiki  which has been brought forth from Ascended Master Buddha at this time to awaken humanity during these transformational times, as humanity enters a new phase of its experience.  Lightarian Reiki is being offered in order to accelerate our personal healing process, raise our vibration and prepare us for higher service.

Here is a direct channeled quotation from Ascended Master Buddha:-
“It is my intention to reawaken humanity to the sacred levels of higher vibrational bands of Reiki-to assist humans as they enter this new phase of their existence. My heart’s desire is to have the use of Reiki Ray clarified, demystified and expanded. I offer this special gift of Lightarian Reiki to all humans to accelerate their healing, raise their vibration and prepare them to become the new human species”

Buddhic Boost (Pre-requisite to Lightarian Reiki)
Lightarian Reiki I & II
Lightarian Reiki III
Lightarian Reiki IV
Lightarian Reiki V & VI

Lightarian Ascension Bands

This  program offers six Bands of divine Buddhic energies, without being on a Reiki path. The sacred levels of higher vibrational energy accelerate healing, raising individual vibration and supporting the process of Self expansion through this new phase we have moved into.

Level I – Creates the discerning opening to the first Band of the Buddhic Band of energies.
Level II- Increases Internal, External and Celestial Communications
Level III – Begins in a profound way the Ascension / Descension process
Level IV- Introduces higher vibrational levels and Anchors in a direct relationship with Gaia (the Mother Earth)
Level V – Further moves individual into higher vibrational levels. Anchors direct attunement based relationship with Godhead  energies
Level VI – Recipient attuned to final vibrational Buddhic Band energies. Ascended Master Sananda introduced and Divine Healing Chamber is erected to be used as future integration tool for Ascension / Descension process

Lightarian Ascension Bands Bridge
What is the Lightarian Ascension Band Bridge?
Lightarian Ascension Bands Bridge is an attunement for those that are registered with the Lightarian Institute as Lightarian Reiki V&VI Masters and wish to facilitate the Ascension Bands for others. The Ascension Bands are for those that are not on a Reiki path, yet still wish to work with Ascended Master Buddha personally. If someone receives the Ascension Bands and wishes to receive Reiki, they will need to start at the beginning of the Reiki journey. There is not a bridge from the Ascension Bands to Reiki; only a bridge from Lightarian Reiki V&VI to the Ascension Bands.
Some background on Ascended Master Buddha
Lightarian Ascension Bands are sourced from a strata of celestial energies known as the level of Ascended Masters − specifically from an aspect of the Ascended Master Buddha. Each Ascended Master has a dominant focus or theme for his/her work and, for Ascended Master Buddha, the theme is “compassion.” During Earth and humanity’s long history of spiritual evolution, Ascended Master Buddha has often projected his energies into this plane in the form of physically-incarnated masters and avatars in order to assist in the expansion and transformation of human consciousness. He has continuously focused on teaching and demonstrating the principles of compassion as applied to many areas of human activity, especially healing and personal ascension for the individual. His incarnational experiences here have prepared him well to serve as a coach and counselor...perhaps a better name is a spiritual mentor...for those seeking energetic healing support. Over the years, Ascended Master Buddha has been an inspiration for aspects of the work of the Institute, especially the energy technology of the Buddhic Track consisting of Lightarian™ Reiki, Lightarian Ascension Bands™, and the Lightarian Healing Ray.
Note: Ascended Master Buddha is not to be confused with the incarnational, historic Buddha. The Ascended Master Buddha is a divine and god-like creator source energy with an infinite number of sparks of consciousness. So when we refer to Ascended Master Buddha we are referring to one of the huge spiritual beings of the Ascended Master Realms and not the lower incarnational Buddha that most people are familiar with.
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