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Vivienne's Healing
Evolving into Oneness in Divine Service
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Vivienne Kueck is a respected crystals expert with certified skills in healing and counselling.

For about 2 decades she has combined crystal, sound and colour therapies with inspirational guided meditations to help her clients clear the emotional issues that prevent them from reaching and mastering their pure potential.
She is also a qualified Usui Reiki and Violet Flame Reiki Master and teaches all modalities of the Lightarian™ Institute in South Africa.

To further support her clients' path towards ascension, she now is the South African licensee for The Path of Eight Activations and offers a workshop focused on those teachings.
When Vivienne is not healing or teaching, you’ll find her sharing her expert crystal knowledge at Stones for Africa, her family-owned business based in Fourways, Johannesburg.

On a more personal note she loves her early morning cuppa which helps her to connect to inspiration and finds motivation through meditation and journaling with a cat or two curled nearby.  

She also loves to travel, where she gets lost zooming in on nature's beauty and the energy of the surrounding landscape.

Freedom through Divine Knowledge on Earth
 Living with Integrity,
Speaking Truth with Divine Wisdom,
Empowering Others with Keys to Magic and Miracles
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